Swine Out Of Hell

Or is it Pig Out Of Hell? I don’t know, haven’t made up my mind. Swine is a bit harsh but more forceful, pig is softer but not as impactful nor as phonetically pleasing as swine.

I’ve been working on this piece on and off for at least one year, the earliest copy of the PSD is from 15 June 2013 but it’s already 80% done so I had probably been at it for at least a few months. Two years is probably the most correct estimate. Not sure precisely how I got this idea, though it’s safe to say I was listening to a lot of Meat Loaf at the time. It was great fun to do but I really don’t see any practical use for it. Maybe I’ll come up with a fake, MRA-bashing news story for The Pigman Cometh, and maybe I won’t. Pretty sure it can’t be used as the cover for the album as it is based on Corben’s original for Bat Out Of Hell. That’s the other weird thing about this, I can’t stand Corben’s work except for that cover – shame his comics are so damn ugly. As I recall, this is yet another piece that started out as a pure painting but I couldn’t get the outlines right, they either seemed too blurry or bumpy, so I decided to just make it an inked drawing with some fancy coloring in. Rather like La Pinkamena, Madeleine Usher (a.k.a Beneath The Skin ) and Curio. Let’s face it, I might as well make this my usual style. The more painterly style is too much hard work for not much more payoff.

Originally the chicken rocket cycle was going to be a motorcycle with a chicken’s head but I hate drawing circles and straight lines – also, I suck at it – so I went for the non-wheeled, sci-fi version. The burst of flame at the rear used to be blue, as in Corben’s original, but I just couldn’t make it harmonize with the rest. Soon as I changed it to red it all clicked together nicely. Sooner or later this bike is going to pop up in a cartoon, though it’s likely to be later rather than sooner.


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