Naked Demon Woman on the Loose !

naked demon woman huntress zenith vidFor the last few months I have been caught up in a bizarre and ongoing attempt to write an album of unpleasantly snarky political songs. Originally the album was going to be symphonic metal (specifically Within Temptation) crossed with early Danzig, but I don’t have the big, butch voice required for that kind of thing so now I’m leaning towards a mix of symphonic metal and dance pop. As a result, I’ve been listening to a lot of weird heavy metal acts as well as to a lot of Kylie Minogue – there’s a sentence you don’t read every day. Despite both symphonic metal and dance pop placing a lot of emphasis on percussion and melody I see little similarity between the two genres, hence I am not sure that the two can be successfully combined. I am, however, pretty sure that I am stupid enough to try.

So in an attempt to see what’s out there without spending 100s of dollars on CDs that may turn out to be crap I have been bumming around YouTube, checking out various obscure metal acts. Many of these folks are obscure for good reason, but many are really quite talented and amongst the latter group is an American outfit called, rather sadly, “Huntress.” The crap name aside, the music itself is pretty cool and, probably best of all, they have a female vocalist who goes from screams/growls to almost operatic high notes, all of which makes for a pretty interesting sound. But the thing that really caught my eye was the video for the song Zenith, a video which can best be described as a rather impressive bit of inspired, over the top lunacy. This thing has it all – naked demon women; lesbian nuns whose tongues appear to have been possessed by Miley Cyrus; cheaply made UFOs; fit-inducing lighting effects; pyramids; phallic obelisks; long-haired guys banging their heads, though I probably shouldn’t have put those last two items in such close proximity… The whole thing reminds me of some psychedelic, 1970s euro-sleaze movie on steroids, which is to say that it is pretty bloody cool. I’m not the only one who thinks so, and the thing has apparently been nominated for some award or other by Revolver Mag.


Don’t bother hitting the freeze frame in an attempt to get a good look at the lead singer’s pussy – I already tried that and it’s always either in shadow or covered by a thong or something.

Damn, I should have made some joke about her being horny…

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