A musical breakthrough…

God knows i needed it! It looks as if the answer to the problem of the vocals clashing with the accompaniments is to simply put a syllable — preferably the vowel — on top of every beat. I’ve been trying it on The Entropy Express and it seems to be working. Not the tight bouncy […]

Holy Crap, Two Years Since The Last Post…

I have decided that from now on this is going to be my official website. Instead of spoiler-filled reviews of other people’s works i will instead be making notes on my own work. Starting today…

Poo Bag of Love by Velvet Lizard

Another song from Songs For The Emotionally Bewildered, the album i put out last year.

Encounter With A Small Spiky Creature

I originally posted this at Random Goofiness, but i don’t think it really fits. What humor there is is very subtle and brief so UnOb is a better choice. This is about a real incident in which i was lucky enough to see an echidna in the wild, in a national park, as opposed to […]

Weasel Out Of Hades by Velvet Lizard

A sad tale of a boy, a girl, some really bad breakfasts, and a garbage truck… Another song from Songs For The Emotionally Bewildered. A sendup of Bat Out Of Hell, of course. Quite pleased with how it turned out, though my voice is just not capable of the power i wanted in the vocals. […]

AC/DC has a new album coming out

On November 13, which is also Black Friday of course. According to Angus they have a shitload of material from the days before Malcolm became ill, stuff that simply didn’t fit on any of the albums from the 90s but which was still up to standard. Sounds about right, if the new single is anything […]

Rabid Bunnies of Discontent

This is one of the songs i put out as Velvet Lizard. It’s been years so i don’t really recall how i came up with this one. I probably just wanted something absurdist and soothing. Actually, no. I vaguely recall that this was supposed to be a bright happy song, but the melody and the […]

The Happy Clown Song

A song about a lunatic clown who wants to kill everyone in a certain city, partly to cheese off a certain weirdo in a bat costume and partly because he thinks it would be a really hilarious thing to do! Yes, it’s the Joker and he’s going on about Batman and Gotham. That’s comic book […]

Songs For The Emotionally Bewildered

Songs For The Emotionally Bewildered

    This is an album of funny pop songs that i put together over a period of several years and finally released in December of 2019 under the name Velvet Lizard. As i expected, the album went nowhere – virtually NO album sells unless it’s heavily promoted and i couldn’t be bothered to do […]

The Unlikely Revenge of Little Miss Muffet

The Unlikely Revenge of Little Miss Muffet

Yet another of those projects that took me years to finish. I first did a very quick sketch of the basic idea back in 2009! Then i only got around to doing the actual drawing in July 2018, and then it took me another two years to finish the thing! Bloody hell. This one comes […]