Linus Finally Meets The Great Pumpkin

For those who don’t know, in the Peanuts strips Linus spends every Halloween night sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for a figure called The Great Pumpkin to arrive. He seems to have confused said anthropomorphic vegetable with that fat guy that keeps getting stuck in chimneys, and is convinced that upon arrival The Great Pumpkin will hand out toys to all the good little boys and girls. Needless to say, his idol never turns up and so while the other kids are stuffing their faces with candy, Linus is having some sort of existential crisis.

This is one of those paintings that sat unfinished on my hard drive for quite a few years before i finally decided to do something about it. The earliest file i have of this one is from January of 2010 and it’s already mostly done, so that’s at least 8 years from start to finish! Good grief!


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