Songs For The Emotionally Bewildered



This is an album of funny pop songs that i put together over a period of several years and finally released in December of 2019 under the name Velvet Lizard. As i expected, the album went nowhere – virtually NO album sells unless it’s heavily promoted and i couldn’t be bothered to do that – but it certainly was fun to make and satisfying to release.

I actually started this AFTER i started the upcoming Pigman album, but decided to put that one on the shelf for a few years since it’s bound to alienate pretty much everyone who bothers to listen to it! Such is life for an old-fashioned Lefty in a world dominated by right wingers and post-modernist “liberal” loons. This one is not at all political and i like to think of it as a musical equivalent to Random Goofiness — surreal, absurdist, harmless, and as bright and poppy as i could make it.

Available on various online stores, but also for free at Soundcloud…


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