The Happy Clown Song

A song about a lunatic clown who wants to kill everyone in a certain city, partly to cheese off a certain weirdo in a bat costume and partly because he thinks it would be a really hilarious thing to do! Yes, it’s the Joker and he’s going on about Batman and Gotham. That’s comic book Joker, pre-reboot, not movie Joker. The working title for this was The Joker Song, but since the name is trademarked i thought it best to leave it out of the title – and the song. Same thing for the name Batman. “The bat” is close enough. This was by far the hardest song to make. It had to be both chaotic and structured and that ain’t easy for anyone, much less a beginner who knows nothing about music. Eventually, after several years and many, many revisions, i ended up with something i’m quite happy with. Whether anyone else feels that way is another matter.

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