Oh, my god! They killed Tyreese!

tyreese not so unexpectedly deadThose bastards…

Yes, it’s all getting very repetitive and tiresome in the land of The Walking Dead. Funnily enough, I joked somewhere that an obvious spoiler to the second half of this season would be some major character getting killed by the end of said season, but the joke turned out to be on me – they killed him way before the end.

I can honestly say that this has been the worst season of The Walking Dead. Not only do they keep repeating themselves by killing off major characters, but they have been treating us like idiots – the writing Abe sees from the top of the fire truck not having been there before, Daryl and Carol’s car going off the overpass and landing on its wheels rather than nose or roof, Dawn’s gun already being under Beth’s chin when Beth stabs her, and probably a few things I can’t even remember. And now, of course, the totally un-shocking, unsurprising, totally predictable death of yet another main character.

This killing of major characters has gone from convention-breaking to WD cliché to an actual joke. It’s as if the show has become a parody of itself, an exaggerated comedy skit in which absolutely everyone gets killed sooner rather than later. The “kill ‘em all” approach also seems rather stupid as making the deaths of regular characters such a staple may put off a lot of viewers. Being not so much a horror series as a drama with zombies, WD works best when we actually care about the characters and I suspect a lot of people will be hesitant to care about these folks if they know they may get it in the neck at any moment.

Will the creators of the show wake up and smell the rot, or will they continue to treat the viewers like pinheads who can’t tell the difference between creativity and repetitiveness? Hell, I don’t know, and worse yet – I’m not sure I really care anymore!

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