The Horn


Another one of those paintings that took me a decade to get ‘round to finishing. Earliest file i have of this is from March of 2010 and it’s 90% finished so it was obviously started at least a few weeks earlier.


This is based on a short horror story called…er…”The Horn,” which i read some time in the late 90s and which really stuck in my mind for some reason. The gist of it is that this girl is supposed to meet a shady character who she is having an affair with at a construction site late at night. He is supposed to signal his arrival by honking his horn, but instead sneaks up behind her and bonks her on the head instead. He then throws her into some mold that is later filled with concrete. Years later some blokes get lost in a snowstorm, do a lot of car-horn honking to let one another know where they are, and out comes our zombified gal to tear them to pieces. It’s no classic, merely good, but for some reason it buried itself deep enough in my psyche for it to come bursting out as this bit of gruesomeness. I’m tempted to add more blood and snow, but that might be a case of making it different rather than making it better so i had best leave well enough alone. Besides, i don’t even know if i still have those brushes after a whole decade.

Heh, after writing the above, instead of adding more blood and snow i just duplicated the layers a couple of times and now it looks significantly better.

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