Attack of the Fifty Foot Nothing

attack fifty foot nothing“Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” is total and utter tripe. And I wasn’t expecting much, just a few scenes in which the titular gal stomps on some really dodgy-looking miniature buildings, but we don’t get even that! In fact, we don’t even see the giantess of the title until the last 10 minutes of the thing, and then she just tears the roof off a building slightly smaller than herself and kills her husband and his bit of fluff. This undeservedly famous waste of celluloid is total crap as entertainment and leaves many questions un-answered – like, what is the giant male alien that turns her into a giantess doing on earth? Is he looking to make himself a missus? And how the hell does he fit into such a small space-ship? And why the hell is he transparent? Much like “The Wasp Woman,” this is one of those low-budget movies that, except perhaps for the poster, has no redeeming features at all. I’m sorry I watched it.

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